Karate Union of Great Britain

The Karate Union of Great Britain (the KUGB), is Britain's largest single-style Martial Arts Association and promotes the development of Shotokan Karate.

They are a democratic and non-profit making organisation affiliated to European and World Shotokan Karate Bodies.

The previous KUGB website was very old and outdated, as well as very difficult to maintain, which often resulted in long delays before upcoming events and reports on recent events were able to be shown.

Working with the most senior members of the KUGB and the KUGB Executive Committee a new layout was agreed and the first phases of the new website were developed. The new layout included a much easier to use and far more intuitive navigation, better use of today's larger screen sizes to present a higher quality visual appearance and use of more robust technologies to provide a more dynamic and responsive interaction with the website's users.

The new website has been developed using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax and related libraries such as jQuery and YUI.

Phase 1 of the website was finally 'launched' in January 2011 and put the publicly accessible side of the website onto the Internet. This gave clubs a chance to correct their basic details, such as club addresses and contact numbers, and for any initial 'teething problems' to be rectified.

Following on from the success of Phase 1 are; online licence application/renewal form; online club affiliation/renewal form; login areas for individual clubs to administer their club details and members' Kyu grading records; online submission by clubs of their currently licensed members into upcoming competitions; and several more features...

Administration and Club email addresses are obfuscated and not visible on the webpages or in the HTML code, and the Contact Form, Administrator and Club Login areas are all secured behind SSL securely encrypted areas.

The publicly accessible areas of the KUGB website can be seen by clicking here.

Special Offers for KUGB Affiliated Clubs

We are working with the KUGB and their affiliated Shotokan Karate clubs to ensure all KUGB clubs have access to their own individual club websites at very affordable prices.

Permission has been granted by the KUGB to allow clubs to match their colour schemes and layouts to that of the main KUGB website, and certain images from the main KUGB website can be reproduced on the KUGB clubs' websites. This is of course optional and clubs are free to come up with their own individual colour schemes and layout.

The aim is for KUGB clubs to be able to promote their own club and it's activities at a local level, and we have special permission to link these local club websites into the main KUGB website. This will help to boost the clubs' own profiles on the Internet. Also, the main KUGB website has a secure (SSL protected) login area for clubs to access their club details and maintain their members Kyu grading records, along with online interactive competition entry forms.

Currently, the KUGB policy is to only show the details of the main club affiliated to the KUGB on the website. Many clubs also have 'additional halls' (dojo) which are associated with their main club and are very close in proximity to the main club - details of these additional halls do not show on the KUGB website, so locations and training days/times for these additional halls are not visible to the general public. One of the benefits of clubs having their own individual websites is that they will be able to include and promote the locations and training days/times etc of all their additional halls.

Special offer prices start from as low as £105.00*, inclusive of VAT, free domain name and 1 year's hosting.

For more advanced and in-depth websites, examples of the Large KUGB Club Packages can be viewed at www.chelmsford-karate.co.uk and www.ashingtonshotokankarate.co.uk.

For more details on special prices available to KUGB affiliated clubs, please request a quote using our Contact Form. Make sure to tell us that you are a KUGB affiliated club and include as much detail as you can. A link will be sent to you within 24-48 hours with a more specific pro-forma where you can add to the detail of your quote request.

* this price is for the basic website package; additional add-ons to the package are available for an additional very low cost and a price-list of the frequently requested add-ons will be included with your quote.

Not affiliated to the KUGB?

Don't worry, we will still be able to provide you with a website that meets your needs.

However, due to the special relationship and arrangement we have with the Karate Union of Great Britain we will not be able to offer the same discounted pricing structure and the quote you receive will be based on our normal prices.


Visit the official Kamae website at www.kamae.org.uk - official sponsors to the KUGB.


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The New KUGB Website

The website includes an easy-to-use but extensive Content Management System, to manage page content, update event calendars, report on competitions and grading results etc.

It also includes online Licence Application/Renewal, Club Affiliation/Renewal and Spectator Ticket sales etc. (* Currently In Development)

Each club has their own secure club management area where they can check the status of their club's affiliation, contact details, instructor's list and training times. They can also manage their members' Kyu grading records and enter their members into upcoming competitions. (* Currently In Development)

All of the above can be managed centrally or remotely using a tiered authentication system, controlled at login, allowing the KUGB Administrator and selected sub-Administrators access to manage different areas.

A Facebook page (www.facebook.com/KarateUnionOfGreatBritain) was also created in addition to a Twitter feed (twitter.com/theKUGB), both of which are managed, updated and maintained by both Angel Website Designs and Jane Naylor-Jones.

Visit the KUGB's website...


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