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Angel Website Designs is based in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear (North East England in the UK) - in close proximity to the Angel Of The North (hence the business name).

The proprietor, Steve Potts, has dabbled with and worked with computers in some form or other since the early 1980's.

Throughout his on-going education and working life, Steve has touched on and learnt many programming, command, markup and scripting languages, starting with a grounding in Low Level and Assembly Level languages then moving up to Higher Level languages. These have included Machine Code and EPROM programming, C, Cecil, BASIC (several dialects), COBOL, Pascal, Fortran (very briefly), TACL, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, VBA, PHP, ASP, HTML/XHTML. There's probably more but these are the ones that stand out the most on the journey to where he is today.

In recent years, while running a property letting and management business in North-East England, he became involved with a foreign property company in Eastern Europe. His programming skills quickly came in very useful in the redesign of the PHP/MySQL driven website that was built by the company's first website designer.

Steve eventually took on the role of the Beltag (lead/main partner) in that company for a couple of years until recently when the company was sold on. The company is still operating successfully but Steve decided it was time to move on and focus on his passion, which is website development and programming.


What we do

We currently have several projects on the go ranging from a couple of very basic website designs for local businesses using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript (and some Flash when requested), to very large long-term development projects which make full use of the combined power of XHTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax etc.

No matter how small or large your website needs to be, we will work closely with you throughout the design and development stages to build a website that exactly suits your needs.

Website Design and Website Development

The terms 'Website Design' and 'Website Development' are often used interchangeably to refer to the building and creation of websites by Website Designers/Developers.

However, there is a difference between the two. Generally, in non-jargon terms, the difference is in how each one buids their websites and what the website will be capable of when they go 'live' on the Internet.

Website 'Designs' tend to be websites with a few webpages of 'static(ish)' information, and are very good to promote an offline service provided by your company or to get your message across to the wider online community. By 'static' we don't mean the page just sits there boringly presenting a lot of words to the viewer. It can have visually dynamic (moving/flowing) elements and media built onto the page to give the page a bit of sparkle. By 'static' we're referring to the fact that the information (content) on those webpages will change very rarely.

Often, a standard list of website templates will be utilised to start the design off, which will then be moulded to suit the customer's personal preferences.

Website Designs can be built fairly quickly and are the cheapest solution if you are looking for a website that will be up and running within a couple of days or at most a couple of weeks (if more customised graphics are required).

WordPress and other similar blog-type websites can fall into this category. We can help you get started, choose a template, get it up and running for you, customise it to your liking and give you a run-down of how to use and manage it.

Website 'Developments' on the other hand, use more programming techniques to bring together the elements of Website Design with databases and programming languages to make the information on the website more 'dynamic'. These dynamic websites involve more interaction with the website users and can change and present content based on the website user's choices and selections.

Online e-commerce websites can interact with the user's choices of product categories and sub-categories to only present products and services the user is interested in, eg. online shops or online booking websites. These would be seen as more dynamic websites as the content changes very regularly and is filtered based on choices made by the visitors to the website.

Due to the bespoke and often in-depth nature of these types of websites and the systems that sometimes need to be programmed and built-in to carry out the required tasks, the research, development, configuration and testing times are far greater than those of the above-mentioned Website 'Designs'. Depending on the scale and complexity of these types of websites, they can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to develop, hence the prices for these are much higher across the Website Development Industry - but, the end result is a website that interacts very closely with your target audience, gives them exactly the information they are looking for, and is easy and fun for them to use.

We have developed small-scale 'dynamic' websites within 1-2 weeks with just a hand-full of webpages which are database driven and presented dynamically. We have also developed very large-scale websites that take considerably more time. These have included online booking websites for foreign property companies with large portfolios of properties, online availability, reservation and deposit payment systems, and contractors' websites with customer registration and rating systems etc.

The recently completed KUGB website took a bit longer, though it did include over 30,000 members records, over 300 clubs, online members' licensing and club affiliations, upcoming event calendars and event reporting, large amounts of static information pages, login areas for each club, as well as a tiered administration system for management of the website's content, licence and club applications, online competition entry forms, online updating of members' grading records and a lot more. We are very proud and honoured to have been commissioned to work on the KUGB website, and to work so closely with such a great group of friendly and professional clients within the KUGB, including their senior members, their national 'Exec' committee and their own inhouse graphics designer.

Content Management Systems are regularly asked for now and can allow the website's owner to change the information on their own websites without needing to refer back to and re-pay website designers to do the job for them. Even though Content Management Systems (CMS) are a programmed interface developed by Website Developers, simple versions of these are now often included with Website 'Designs'.

We provide a Content Management System with all our websites.

Monetising Websites

Monetising blog websites, and any other website, is done through finding the right content and connections, running appropriate campaigns and of course correct positioning on webpages.

Examples of typical monetising of a webpage/website are floating around in various positions on this page.

Having the correct campaign and positioning is important if you want to monetise your website or blog, and we can help you to get your campaign(s) up and running, work out the correct positioning based on your webpage content, and help you to connect with some of the web's most profitable resources. Our current rate for this service is £17.50 per hour.

An example of a monetised website/blog is the Whinging Minnies website.

Adult-only Websites

RTA - Restricted to Adults - Adult Entertainment/Adult ResponsibilityIn the website design and development industry it is inevitable that adult-only websites are requested. Adult websites showing adult content are profitable and clients sometimes request sites that range from advertising adult services and products online, through to drop-shipping websites providing lingerie, DVD's, marital aids & sex toys. Drop-ship websites connect customers direct to the manufacturers/suppliers of goods and the website owners make a commission, which is usually the difference (profit mark-up) between the suppliers price and the website price set by the website owner.

Adult websites can also be aimed at products & services that are not connected to the sex industry but are still deemed not suitable for minors. Examples can include slimming aids, herbal remedies and health related products aimed at adults.

For adult "pleasure" websites, we will only work with such sites as long as they fully support The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) and the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI). Websites must also be PICS compatible and validated with SafeSurf. We can then include the RTA logo (above-left) and PICS rating on your website, which most online protection software (aka censorware or content filters) respects, thus preventing such pages from being viewable by minors whose computers have that online protection software installed and configured correctly. Most Internet browsers, some of the security programmes on our Useful Links page, and programmes such as Net Nanny & Cyber Patrol either include or are designed as parental filters, which can be configured to prevent adult rated websites from being viewable by minors.

Some examples of adult-only services and advertising can be seen by clicking the following link.

WARNING: You MUST be 18 years or over to view this page. If you are 18 years of age or over and do not agree with adult themed websites or are easily offended by adult content, DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK!!!. Adverts for adult affiliates and promotions.

Pricing and Quality Assurance

Angel Website Designs see each project as unique and individual to each client, and our quotes will be based on fair assessments of how much work will be involved to build your website. This includes time for estimated information flow when required, and the acquiring of any client-provided or externally-sourced images and/or content.

To keep your costs and the time to build your website down, we always recommend some precursory research be carried out by our clients. This may include having an idea or vision of what message or product/service you want your website to deliver to the online community, and what websites out there provide the same/similar message/product/service. It is also useful if this information is categorised into which websites you like and why, which ones you don't like and why, and which ones are also your direct competition.

However, this is not compulsory and you do not need to carry out search engine ranking checks on these websites as we will do this for you to ensure your website is built from the ground up with SEM / SEO in mind. Any information you can supply though is simply a useful way for us to check what visual aspects you like and don't like on those websites to ensure your website both matches your tastes and, just as importantly, doesn't look the same as the websites owned by your competitors and stands out from the crowd.

We will always aim to ensure the website we build for you is not ridiculously overpriced but is of the design and high quality that you expect. Please refer to the prices shown on our Home Page for the starting prices of each package.


When setting up a new small business, you should make sure your business is covered with Professional Indemnity Insurance and/or Public Liability Insurance.

For more information on why you should have Business Insurance and for Insurance comparisons and quotes, visit Simply Business.

Angel Website Designs are insured with Simply Business' Professional Indemnity Insurance.  To view our policy details click here.

Mission Statement

We won't be happy with the design of your website until you are 100% happy!

Examples of banner adverts

Some examples of banner adverts that can be added to websites.

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Majon International Internet Marketing

Majon International Internet Marketing

Website Design Examples

Recent work undertaken

We always work closely with our clients to ensure they are happy with their website before it 'goes live' on the Internet.

Colour schemes and page layouts are always taken from the client's own personal ideas of what they like and how they want to portray their message or advertise their business online, hence we always ask our clients to look around the internet and find some examples of what they like AND what they don't like prior to us starting on the design elements of their websites.

A short list of some recent work we've completed is below.


The Karate Union of Great Britain.

A full-blown online website and management application.

Includes an easy-to-use but extensive Content Management System, to manage page content, update event calendars, report on competitions and grading results etc.

It also includes online Licence Application/Renewal, Club Affiliation/Renewal and Spectator Ticket sales etc.

Each club has their own secure club management area where they can check the status of their club's affiliation, contact details, instructor's list and training times. They can also manage their members' Kyu grading records and enter their members into upcoming competitions.

All of the above can be managed centrally or remotely using a tiered authentication system, controlled at login, allowing the KUGB Administrator and selected sub-Administrators access to manage different areas.

Visit the KUGB's website...

Selection Of Other Websites...

Jemima Flow Photography

Local photographers, Jemima Flow Photography specialise in the photography of wildlife and landscapes.

Mounted & framed photos can be ordered online direct from the photo gallery.

Wedding albums are secured behind a password which is handed to the Wedding Guests at the Wedding. They can then log in and order prints online and direct from the album in a wide range of available photo sizes.

The CMS behind the Jemima Flow Photography website includes uploading, resizing and digital watermarking of new photos.

View website...

Whinging Minnies

A tongue-in-cheek WordPress blog allowing the owner to post and share his frustrations, gripes and complaints online.

WordPress websites are very quick to put together and are built on PHP so the code can be highly customised. The Whinging Minnies website is being gradually added to, customised and monetised by the owner and Angel Website Designs.

The Whinging Minnies website is also connected to www.relieve-your-stress.com, an online mall providing lots of dynamically generated links and resources directly related to stress and anger management as well as managing frustration.

When done correctly, monetising blog-based websites can be very lucrative for the websites' owners and we can help you to source and sign up to appropriate affiliate programmes.

View website...

Simply Business Professional Indemnity Insurance

Simply Business Professional Indemnity Insurance

Public Liability : £1,000,000
Professional Indemnity : £250,000

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Banner Advertising

Examples of banner adverts that can be added to your website in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

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